Bookeye 5 V1A

Bookeye 5 V1A Professional is the wide format scanner of choice for digitization projects which require formats more than DINA1+ up to 25×36 inches. It is extremely book-friendly, safe, and fast. It has the lowest possible footprint in the industry for a desktop model, A1+ book scanner. At 600dpi resolution and with all image enhancements turned on, its scanning time is a mere 4 seconds. The Bookeye 5 V1A is the only scanner with a motorized, height adjustable glass top which also can be opened to any user defined angle. The book cradle is the most versatile in the industry supporting fully opened books at 180degrees or with or without  the glass plate as well as partially opened books via its  v-shaped book cradle, all in one device.

DIN A+1 Scan in


seconds at 150dpi

Motorized Book Cradle

Integrated ICC Profile

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