Hot Roll Laminators

Table Top Roll Laminator RSL-380

                      Narrow design and portability                                        High quality dual heated silicone rollers                    Fits perfectly in small working areas 

Table Top Roll Laminator RSL-2701U

                   Fully featured thermal encapsulator                                Can laminate documents up to 27 in wide               Speeds up to 7.9 ft per minute

Dual Hot Roll Laminator RSH-1151/1651

                   Maximum lamination width of 65 in                                Capable of both thermal and pressure lamination     Easy load film supply shafts

Cold Roll Laminators

Cold Roll Laminator RSC-1401CW

                       High quality graphic finishes                                                Built for safety and ease of use                           perfect for pressure-sensitive graphics   

Cold Roll Laminator RSC-1050CL

                   Laminating speed of 9 ft per min                                Digital controls with 9 speed settings               economical and easy to use

Cold Roll Laminator RSC-1651LS

                         Built for safety and ease of use                                           Perfect for laminating and mounting                      pressure-sensitive graphics 

Cold Roll Laminator RSC-820CLS

                      Idea for 30″ printers and cutters                                                      Hands-free operation                                     Fits High quality silicone rubber rollers  

Hot or Cold Roll Laminators

Heat Assist Laminator RSC-1401HW

                            Top roller heat capabilities                                               Built for safety and ease of use                           Easy load film shafts   

Table Top Roll Laminator RSL-2702

                                  Compact in design                                                           Speeds up to 8.2 ft per min                        Independent upper and lower roller controls

Heat Assist Roll Laminator RSC-1651LSH

                          Can laminate sizes up to 65″                                      Can be combined with an inkjet printer                 Hands-free operation

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