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Whether you need a single, high volume printer, or a fleet of networked multifunction devices, Canon enterprise solutions offer a wide range of models to address the document workflow challenges of evolving work environments.

Colorado Series

The Colorado Series printers allow customers to compete in the wide format market space, especially in the interior décor market, with development of UVgel print technology.

Arizona Series

Arizona Large Format flatbed printers offer unsurpassed versatility, designed to increase productivity and revenue opportunities for commercial print shops of all sizes.

Colorado M-Series

Colorado M3

   Eliminate manual maintenance to save operator time                                   Print speeds up to 111m²/hr                                                Dimensions (WxDxH): 119″ x 44″ x 52″

Colorado M3W

                  Fully modular UVgel roll-to-roll printer                                               Print speeds up to 111m²/hr                                 Dimensions (WxDxH): 119″ x 44″ x 52″

Colorado M5

     Choose the right finish for your applications: velvety            matte, vibrant gloss, or both combined in one print                                   Print speeds up to 159m²/hr                               Dimensions (WxDxH): 119″ x 44″ x 52″

Colorado M5W

A unique ‘print-then-cure’ technology with instant-dry gel                           inks, cured with UV LED lights                                                      Print speeds up to 159m²/hr                            Dimensions (WxDxH): 119″ x 44″ x 52″

Colorado 1650

Colorado 1650

                    One Click. Two Finishes. One Print.                                    Print speeds up to 159m²/hr in gloss mode                  Dimensions (WxDxH): 119″ x 44″ x 52″

Arizona Series

Arizona 135 GT

     Print speed up to 34.2m²/hr at 1,440 dpi or higher                         Applications on rigid and flexible media                     Award-winning VariaDot technology for stunning prints

Arizona 1300 GT

                        Print speed up to 52.8m²/hr                        Mid-volume flatbed with game-changing FLOW technology Curable UV-LED ink system

Arizona 2300

                   Sharp, high-key prints up to 95m²/hr                                         High-density prints up to 64m²/hr                   Mid-volume flatbed printer for broad range of applications

Arizona 6160

                         Print speeds up to 220m²/hr                      Nonstop production on extra-large, dual-origin flatbed High-volume flatbed printer designed for productive, rigid media printing 

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