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A plotter is a large device that draws on a wide gamut of material. This ranges from cardboard, plywood, plastic, and more! Plotters use a pen or other mediums of drawing to reproduce vector (2D line) graphics. This method is often compared to regular prints, which print dot-by-dot. Plotters are often recommended to businesses that often need to print on large material.

A wide format printer utilizes a grid to produce dot-by-dot graphics on rolls of paper from sizes of 18 to 100 inches wide. The large format machine has several different types of ink to increase its usability. These inks are best known as aqueous, solvent, UV cured, and latex.

Large format printers are most popularly used for:

  • Blueprints and schematics
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Signage (indoor and outdoor)
  • Trade show wall panels
  • Exhibitions
  • Billboards
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Fabric (t-shirts, sweaters)
and many more!

Aqueous – Aqueous ink is best known as the common water-based ink. There are two types of aqueous inks to choose from: dye or pigment. Both are commonly known for being used for common applications at home or the office. Aqueous dye will typically be cheaper than pigment since dye is not water resistant, making it less safe to use. Pigment is typically longer lasting (less likely to fade over time). It is preferred to keep the use of aqueous solutions inside rather than outside. Nowadays, the quality in graphics between the two are marginal, if at all.

Solvent – Solvent is a chemical based ink known for being resistant but harmful to the environment. Solvent ink is typically waterproof and long lasting. Its durability makes it popular for outside use. The chemicals are hazardous in relation to health and environment. 

UV Cured – Made as an alternative to solvent, ultraviolet curable inks are aqueous-based. This solution releases zero chemicals into the air, preserving complete use of the ink into the print. It is known for being able to dry immediately upon placement. It is also capable of printing on several types of media. It is typically long-lasting, durable, and waterproof.

Latex – Latex inks are the latest to appear in the market. It is similar to aqueous solutions with its use of water, but it adds an extra layer with latex (plastic), and heat. The latex serves as an extra source of binding to the pigment. This makes the prints waterproof, durable, and clean for the environment. No hazardous toxins are released.

We specialize in large format machines ranging from laminators, plotters, and wide format printers. We also sell ink, toner, and paper media to go along with each large format printing machine. You can purchase these things online or through a phone call!

We provide immediate service for all of Southern California and have the ability to provide hands on service to anywhere in the country.

We have distribution centers across the United States which allows for products to be moved efficiently into the hands of our customers. In addition, we personally deliver paper, ink and wide format plotters to all of Southern California. You can easily expect to receive your items between 1 to 2 days from the day purchased.

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Yes! We sell all used machines for an appropriate price. You can find some of those machines here. You can call or send and inquiry if you would like to find out about other printers!

Yes! We do offer leases and rentals on various machines. You can find some of them here. To find out about other machines, send an inquiry or call.

As a business that has been in operation for over 30 years, we have adapted to change and learned all there is to know about the large format business. We carry decades of experience over competitors and have stuck to our core values to keep the customers more than satisfied. Our service team is factory trained and authorized for HP, Océ, Canon, KIP, Epson and Graphtec wide format printers, plotters, scanners and cutting plotters. As a small business, we can cater our service to your wide format machine needs and provide an experience that shows we care just as much about your success as you do.

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