HD Ultra X Series

With a top speed of up to 17.8 ips, you can increase your workflow tempo significantly. You can also switch between three different speed levels directly on the scanner’s intuitive touch panel. If speed doesn’t impress you, look at the width. This series includes the world’s first 60-inch CCD scanner, but also comes in 36- and 42-inch widths. The size-flexibility, our Nextimage software and the unprecedented scan width gives you the flexibility to be smart and create a more efficient workflow.

36" Models

HD Ultra X 3650

8.9ips Color at 200dpi

HD Ultra X 3690

17.8ips Color at 200dpi

42" Models

HD Ultra X 4250

8.9ips Color at 200dpi

HD Ultra X 4290

17.8ips color at 200dpi

60" Models

HD Ultra X 6050

8.9ips Color at 200dpi

HD Ultra X 6090

17.8ips Color at 200dpi

BW at 200dpi at



CCD High Quality Scans

Automatic Size Detection

High Quality Lenses – Contex CCd scanners use premium Fujifilm lenses to bring you high-resolution images in the best quality available on the market today

Instant-ON Feature – Save valuable time with the ability to start scanning without the warm-up time

True Size Detection – You don’t need to tell the scanner what to do, it detects the width without your help

OTAC – With Optimized Thickness Adjustment Control, you can easily adjust the scanner to the originals just before scanning

Speed Adjustment – Three different speed levels at your fingertips on the touch panel makes it easy to adapt the scanner to your workflow and the original’s requirements

USB 3.0 SuperSpeed xDTR3 – This product uses xDTR technology to work with USB 3.o SuperSpeed protocol, increasing its performance dramatically

Gigabit Ethernet xDTR2.5 – Optimized for up to 100MB per second. Up to 60% fasster transfer rate than with xDTR2 thanks to new improved electronics

Gbit Throttling Buffer Control – 1GB buffer eliminates scanner pausing

Static Free Touchless Glass System – Enjoy virtually scratch free glass plates thanks to the new design of the white background pressure plate in the HD Ultra X. The pressure point is offset of the scanning line helping the glass stay free from scratches. The minimal-friction, floating design of glass plate with new quick-release magnetic scan glass system, makes replacement or cleaning of the glass plate easier and faster than ever.

Contex Perfect Light – Contex Perfect Light in the HD Ultra X comes from engineers carefully selecting the very latest in light-emitting diode technology (LEDs) and combining this with the specially developed diffusion filters

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