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Oce Plotwave 750

Gain the edge for your business. Print more flexibly. Protect vital data more securely. Produce documents faster and manage print jobs more easily. The Oce Plotwave 750 system helps you meet the complex document challenges faced in a departmental print setting or a productive, central print room environment. Today the most advanced engineering and construction companies rely on Oce systems to help build the world around us.

Low Energy Usage, Ozone Emission, and Noise Level

9D Size Print Drawings Per Minute

One Step Scan and Copy

Neat Document Delivery – Get neatly collated and stacked documents of up to 100 E-size plots on the Top Delivery Tray thanks to air separation technology

Unmatched Productivity With Oce Radiant Fusing – Instant start-up time and uses half the energy of comparable systems. Only heats when printing

Automated Roll Changing – Save time and effort. Simply open the drawer and place your new roll of paper on the loading station.

Reliable Performance – Take advanage of better print quality with high resolution Pico Printing at 600 x 1200 dpi.

Closed Toner System – Toner is completely closed and easy to reach out of harm’s way

Maximized Output – Choose between a 2, 4, 6 roll capacity plus 1 or 2 sheet trays which gives up to 1,900 feet of uninterrupted printing

Super Color Scanning – Oce Color Image Logic Technology splits image into layers, eliminates wrinkles, and reinforces weak color information

Security – Contains antivirus support and the latest IT Standards

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