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OCE ColorWave 3500

Rock-solid wide format printing with unparalleled ease of use. Print excellent, high-quality prints in color and monochrome on a wide range of media. The Océ ColorWave® 3500 printer offers rock-solid reliability and unparalleled ease of use with smart innovations that reduce delays and avoid misprints. Confidently print technical documents and high-quality graphics where every detail of data is critical. With the Océ ColorWave 3500 printer, you can enjoy a low-maintenance, high-productivity engine that supports your business. Request a quote to a receive an OCE ColorWave 3500 price!

Superior copy and color scanning results

Productively handle your jobs to save time and money

Comprehensive ease of use

RELIABLE, LEGIBLE, ACCURATE — EVERY TIME                                                                                                                          Whether you need to print a technical document, a map, or a full-color banner, the Océ ColorWave 3000 series has the quality you need: sharp lines, high readability, fine details, and smooth, even area fills every time you print. Thanks to the reliable multipass print technology, every single detail of data in your technical document is printed. The Océ ColorWave 3000 series provides true graphic arts capabilities, as well as color and monochrome CAD prints. Print on a wide range of media, even uncoated, and still get top quality output thanks to Océ CrystalPoint technology. Prints are instantly dry and water resistant with no need for lamination. Quality is consistently high over time and on different machines, so you can mix and match printouts as needed.    


READY TO SERVE FOR YEARS AND YEARS                                                                                                                                These machines have high reliability and uptime with no daily maintenance required. As a true workhorse, the Océ ColorWave 3000 series uses parts that have a long lifetime and few consumables. The printer itself is built for robust, safe printing for years on end. The printer is built with mature, error-proof technologies. Canon Solutions America’s service organization offers ongoing excellence in support based on decades of experience. 


HIGHLY RELIABLE TECHNOLOGY                                                                                                                                                        The Océ CrystalPoint technology uses Océ TonerPearls® toner, a proven technology that has been on the market for over a decade. The pearls are heated and then jetted onto the media with extreme precision. The multipass Océ CrystalPoint print technology provides crisp print quality with no feathering. The Océ ColorWave 3000 series also applies Océ PAINT technology and nozzle failure compensation on the fly to avoid misprints and reprints while ensuring high throughput. This not only ensures consistent print quality between the first and last print, but also during the lifetime of the machine or even across multiple engines. The Océ ColorWave 3700 printer uses Océ MediaSense technology to ensure high-quality prints on an even wider range of media. The gap between the imaging device and media is adjusted automatically based on the media thickness.

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