Royal Sovereign RSCLSH1651 Front

Heat Assist Roll Laminator RSC-1651LSH

The RSC-1651LSH is a high quality, economically priced cold laminator with top roller heat assist specifically designed for users to easily and professionally finish wide format graphics. Built for safety and ease of use, this sturdy machine is perfect for laminating and mounting pressuresensitive graphics up to 65” wide. By adding the optional Front Feed and Rear Wind-Up Assemblies, automatic roll to roll lamination is made simple. Backed by over 30 years of experience, the RSC-1651LSH is a smart option for today’s sign shops. Request a quote to receive a Heat Assist Roll Laminator RSH 1651LSH price!

  Up to


  D/A1 pages per minute

Versatile Laminating

Heat Assist

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