Dual Hot Roll Laminator RSH-1151/1651

The RSH-1651 is a 65” Thermal Laminator with Dual Hot & Cold finishing capabilities. The front thermal rollers can be independently regulated to ensure the correct dwell times while the rear pull rollers help to prevent wrinkling or curling of the finished product. The RSH-1651 offers the versatile option to laminate, mount and encapsulate digital prints. User friendly digital controls enable user to preprogram up to 9 different speed and temperature settings. Engineered for comfort and convenient the RSH-1651 include a Quick Notch gap adjustment, convenient Cross Cutter, rear facing Remote and a Foot Pedal for hands free operation. Add the optional Front Feeder and Rear Rewinder to achieve true roll to roll lamination or encapsulation.  The RSH-1651 will provide users the most versatile lamination options for years to come. Request a quote to receive a Dual Hot Roll Laminator RSH 1151/1651 price!

RSH-1151 45" model

Royal Sovereign RSH 1151 Front

RSH-1651 65" model

Royal Sovereign RSH 1651 Front

     Up to


  feet per minute 

Dust Cover

Rear Cross Cutter

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